We deliver direct one-on-one interaction with customers, to find out what the customer wants and needs. We have a reliable group of technicians that work efficiently to satisfy our customers identified and identified needs.

Our services include; installing radios and sound systems, reverse cameras, CCTV cameras, smash and grab, tinting of building windows, car alarms and many more.

  • Window Tinting

    Window films (tint) help to alleviate prying eyes, damage to inventory and add privacy.

    We aim to make it possible to obscure the view through windows from the outside, whilst maintaining sufficient light transmission into the building.

    The smash and grab film is tinted so no one can see into the car. It also prevents the windows from shattering when an object is thrown at your vehicle window.

    Our technicians work professionally to ensure the smash and grab is neatly applied to your car windows, so that it not only protects you but also enhances the overall look of your car.

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  • Smart multimedia radio

    Smart Multimedia (Pty) Ltd offers automotive multimedia products that are different, high quality, well priced and much desired

    If you would like to experience entertainment mixed with a state-of-the-art Navigation system, then we’ve got something for you! 
    Wireless Apple CarPlay. Wireless Android Auto.

    You have rear-view cameras, Tyre Pressure Monitoring systems,  wireless chargers, dash-cams and many other products to complement your journey. 
    We firmly believe that we offer something much more than most do in this industry. 

    Remember, it is not always about the price. Make sure of what you are buying. Make sure of the specification of the product you are buying. 
    Like with most products, you get the low end and low spec, as well as the top end high spec. It is exactly in this sector where we differ!

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  • Car Air Conditioning

    We do aircon services, repairs, regas and change your aircon filters if needed.

    When doing an aircon service, we do a full check of the car’s aircon system.

    The technician will hook your vehicle up to a special refrigerant recovery system and drain any of the harmful gas while cleaning the aircon pipes.

    We also change the oil and regas your aircon.

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  • Data Dot

    DataDot has evolved over the years and can now use microdot and vehicle data to help benefit customers further!

    VehicleFacts provides Live Market Valuations and Related Vehicle Information for Consumers and Dealers.

    MotoData facilitates purpose lending and personal loans online to cover financing of your vehicle, motor bike, 
    boat, leisure equipment, vehicle repairs and service/parts plus any other personal finance requirements you may have.

    Products include:

    DATADOT Metallic Asset
    DATADOT Polymer Asset
    DATADOT Asset Tube
    DATADOT Bicycle Tube
    DATADOT Microdot Security Kit
    DATADOT Cellphone Scope

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  • Vehicle Tracking

    Offering a range of tailor-made packages specifically designed to suit your individual safety, security and personal vehicle tracking needs. Whether it’s core security or enhanced safety you are looking for, you can be sure to find the perfect package which suits you.

    Matrix’s live tracking solutions include an on-the-go smartphone application and a sophisticated online portal that allows you to monitor your vehicle anywhere, any time. The Matrix smartphone app is the best in its class with advanced vehicle positioning tools which include Street View and traffic updates.

    Keep track of vehicle expenses and receive alerts directly to your smartphone in the event that your vehicle is moved without your consent or your battery is tampered with.

    Our range of products offer different levels of vehicle tracking features depending on yours and your loved one’s unique needs.

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  • CCTV Camera Systems

    Baytrack is a skilled CCTV installation service providing company. We offer the best and high-quality CCTV surveillance systems by Dahua.

    Our technicians strive to provide the best service installing your security systems, to ensure that these systems function properly at all times.

    Rest assure with the Dahua APP on your smart phone. Log in from anywhere in the world for a piece of mind.

    Never compromise quality for cheap imported products. With Dahua we assure you with only the best quality for your buck. Affordability, attractive and quality goes hand in hand with Dahua CCTV.

    When you purchase a Dahua product, you can rest assured that you will receive the best value for your money. We cater from the home owner to the big Industrial sector.

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  • Sunroof Installations

    Webasto: World’s #1 Sunroof Manufacturer

    Enjoy your freedom with a sunroof! If you are on the road in your car, you want to experience maximum comfort.

    What can be better than feeling the sun on your skin, breathing fresh air and enjoying the feeling of freedom?

    With Webasto Sunroofs, you can fulfil this desire and experience an amazing journey on the road… every single time!

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  • Front and rear PDC

    At Baytrack we supply and install parking sensors for metal and plastic bumpers, our technician is amazing at getting the PDC to blend with the color of your car.

    Quick and easy install that is well worth the money.

    Helps prevent costly vehicle damage and the associated inconvenience, makes reversing, parking and low speed manoeuvring easy and risk free and fits all vehicles.

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  • Custom Builds

    At Baytrack we can build the system of your dreams. If your vehicle needs attention. Baytrack is your first stop. We can put life in your vehicle. 

    Custom built boxes is one of our specialties.

    We put a lot of effort into the boxes we create for our customers to satisfy their wants and meet their expectation. 

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  • Paint Protection Film

    Protect your vehicle’s vulnerable areas with VPS paint protection films.

    With four unique products to choose from, your vehicle will maintain its beauty while extending the life of your paint. 

    Made from a super-tough polyurethane film that has been developed specifically for the protection of the painted surfaces of motor vehicles, motor bikes and aircraft. Once applied, it is virtually invisible.

    The film protects vulnerable painted surfaces from stone chips and surface scratches and is removable at any time.

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  • Sound upgrades

    Baytrack is the best place to upgrade your sound system to suite your taste.

    We can do all your vehicle radio replacements. We install radios, amplifiers, subs, speakers and many more accessories to improve the quality of your sound.

    Or upgrade your old radio. (bluetooth, navigation, dvd, usb, rear view camera)


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